about me

I feel fortunate that after 30 years of raising children and partime work, I was able to start painting again in my 50s. Now 20 years on, it is still this wonderful ”thing” I have and can do everyday. I left Sydney, and now live in a barn on the mid north coast of N.S.W, next to a National Park, and a surf beach. I have been exhibiting in Sydney for about 25 years, with 2 successful exhibitions in the U.S.A, and some regional galleries, and this year 2011, in Adelaide. I have 4 daughters, 6 grandsons, and twins on the way, in August. Plus a very nice husband; and they all visit here and holiday with me. 2008 I won the Country Energy $35,000. Prize for landscape. I grew up on a sheep and cattle property, or “ranch” near Young, N.S.W. And my biggest influences are the colours. Soft, pale, ochres and pinks of paddocks and their shape. Fields of wheat, dust tracks, remains of burnt stubble, and ploughed dirt. Colour is everything, though changing a bit on the coast where sand and ocean are a difficult colour challenge.